Memory and loyalty – the 75th anniversary of the defense of Cowes on the Isle of Wight

On Sunday May 7th 2017, representatives of SOS Polonia – employees, Community Advocates and our supporters – took part in the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the defence of the city of Cowes on the Isle of Wight.
On the night of May 4th 1942, the island was attacked by German planes. The Polish battleship ORP Błyskawica, commanded by Commander Wojciech Francki, played a key role in defence of the city. Residents of Cowes still remember the city’s defence and mention the heroic crew of ORP Błyskawica. During the four-day commemoration of the anniversary, the city was filled with fluttering red and white flags. Polish national colours were also visible in shop windows.

More than 70 lives were lost in the attack, from the Cowes residents and from the heroic Polish defenders who set out to defend the city without having to wait for orders. At the central point of the city promenade, a plaque was unveiled to commemorate those whose lives were lost.

The ceremony included, among others, the Polish war hero Major Otton Hulacki, and Janina Doroszkowska – the daughter of Commander ORP Błyskawica Wojciech Franckiego – who thanked Cowes for their memory and loyalty to her father and the great achievements of all Poles who fought during World War II for the freedom of the United Kingdom and the World.

The anniversary was celebrated by the Polish Navy and the local military regiments. During the celebrations on the coast of the island, ORP Gniezno tied into the simultaneous commemoration in Swinoujscie, Poland.

Here are our photos from the event:

The Immobilise Property Marking Event

Police Community Support Officer Ewa Gunter (13632) will be organising the Immobilise Property Marking Event to help you mark your property and to give you some crime prevention advice. The event will be held at the S.O.S. Polonia office in Southampton on the 2nd of December 2013 at 10 am. is a website which allows members of the public to register their valuables for free, using IMEI, Serial or Frame numbers. Any item can be added, from TVs to toasters, bikes to jewellery, but the most popular products which are stolen include mobile phones, laptops, games consoles and sat navs. It’s simple to use and only takes a couple of minutes to create an account and add an item, then it can be updated at leisure. For those that don’t have access to the internet, they can speak to their neighbourhood policing team, who can register items on their behalf.

Police check any items they recover against the database using the dedicated NMPR (National Mobile Property Register) service, if it’s been registered they can easily identify the owner and return the property to them, even if it hasn’t been reported stolen.

Important notice to our clients

The management and staff at S.O.S Polonia are constantly looking for ways to improve our service to you and it has come to our attention that on certain occasions long queues are forming in the waiting area due solely to some clients requesting that an application form be completed on their behalf thus tying up a member of staff, sometimes for up to one hour.

The only official forms that we are in a position to assist with are:

(a)   Nat Ins Applications

(b)   Maternity Allowance and

(c)   Child Benefit Applications.

Furthermore, if you do require assistance completing one of these documents then it is essential please that you phone or text this office in advance at 07816524987 in order to make an appointment. This will save you having to wait and will help to avoid regrettable queues forming in the waiting area.

Finally, should you feel that the issue you need our assistance with is in any way complex and might take time to resolve then it is very important that you phone or text our office and make an appointment before coming to see us. Once again this will ensure that you experience no delay in our waiting area and that other visitors to our offices are dealt with more efficiently. Your assistance in these matters will be very much appreciated and should you have any constructive suggestions to make concerning our service then we would very much like to know about them. You can communicate with us by letter or email. Thank you.

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